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Discover how you can get everything you want in a home, from state-of-the-art kitchens to heavy-built structural designs, at almost half the cost of traditional site-built construction.

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Less Expensive

*Manufactured Housing Institute

per square foot than site-built homes using the same materials. The pre-fabricated building process in a controlled environment allows for cost-saving efficiencies that are impossible to achieve with on-site construction. We can also help you save in financing by rolling land and home purchases into a single 30-year loan through our reputable lending partner network.

Modern Design

with an array of open layouts to choose from, plus options for siding, tiling, flooring, appliances and more. You can even trade-in your home when you’re ready to upgrade while keeping the same front porch view!

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Freedom to invest confidently, on your terms

Appreciation Value

of any housing category – up 30.4%* in 2022. Beyond just a great deal, a Regional Home is an even better investment. So you can get out of the rent race and feel confident in your home purchase.


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Quick and
Easy Process

from start to finish. We’ll have your customized, turnkey home built and placed on your property within 10 weeks of purchase. Delivery, setup, trimming and skirting (underpinning) is included in your home purchase – in addition to the HVAC and appliances.


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We have answers.

Is a manufactured home the same thing as “mobile home”?

While a manufactured home is commonly referred to as a mobile home, it’s far from it. Starting in 1976, the HUD Code was established to enact stringent construction and safety standards that ensure today’s manufactured homes are superior in every way. Like site-built homes, they are available in a variety of designs with customizable features.

Are there restrictions where I can place my manufactured home?

Be sure to check zoning regulations before purchasing a manufactured home. While more and more local governments are rethinking and updating their restrictions, many cities and towns still hold on to the outdated negative perceptions of “mobile homes”. We can help answer any zoning questions you may have.

What financing is available?

There are many options available when you buy a manufactured home. You can roll your land and home purchase into a single loan or finance separately with up to a 30-year mortgage. FHA and VA loans are also available to manufactured home buyers.

Are manufactured homes more susceptible to fire?

Since the HUD Code was established in 1976, studies show that manufactured homes have 38-44% fewer fires than site-built homes.

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